Making A difference 2016 Census

2011 Census data revealed that:

  • 24.6% of Australia’s population was born overseas.
  • 43.1% had at least one overseas-born parent.
  • the largest increase for any country of birth was India (growing from 147,106 people in 2006 to 295,363 people in 2011).
  • Mandarin, Italian and Arabic were the most common non-English languages spoken at home.
  • Punjabi was the fastest growing language.

Cultural diversity to be on full display in the 2016 Census

The upcoming 2016 Census of Population and Housing (Census) will play a critical role in understanding and supporting the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

More significantly, it is expected that approximately 15 million people will complete the Census online, potentially making it one of the largest online events in Australian history.

Data collected from the Census helps community organisations, governments and businesses to plan for services and facilities, such as housing, healthcare and education. It is important that all questions on the Census form are completed accurately and in full. The information people provide is crucial in making a difference to local communities.