MEDIA Release April 28, 2016

The National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA) has again been requested to advocate on behalf of another case of discrimination against people living with disability; again involving those people seeking permanent residency.


Deepak Manuel and his family have been denied permanent residency based solely on the disability status of his 5-year-old son who has been diagnosed with Microcephaly.


Children born with Microcephaly have head circumferences smaller than average and affected brain development. NSW doctors say Deepak’s son has a mild to moderate developmental delay.


Suresh Rajan, NEDA President, said “yet again we see this horrid practice of discrimination against people because of their disability. Again I say that this is not the Australian way of the “fair go.” These are people who have lived in Australia and contributed to the social and moral fabric of this country.”


Mr. Rajan continued “Once again we will see a family discriminated against based on disability and with that we will lose another family that has chosen Australia to live. We should be honoured that they wish to live here. Not only do we lose these people but we lose people with valuable skill sets, people who add value to Australia”.


Dwayne Cranfield NEDA CEO stated “Deepak and his family are now forced to leave the country by August of this year. This process has not just cost Deepak and his family their jobs and life in Australia; the application process has also cost them more than $8,000 to date.”


Suresh Rajan added “they are being forced to leave friends, schools, and jobs. This is their life we are talking about. Deepak has even signed a waiver stating that his son will not be a “burden to the community by way of medical costs, but still they must leave”.


“This man has the support of his work colleagues at the Illawarra Hospital where he is employed as a nurse and held in high esteem. This treatment of people living with disability is unjust and unacceptable” said Dwayne Cranfield.


For further information, please contact NEDA CEO Mr. Dwayne Cranfield on 02 62626867 or NEDA President Mr. Suresh Rajan on 0413436001.


Media Release 07 Mar 2016











Australian Cross Disability Alliance says 'Hands off the NDIS'



Today's media reports that the Federal Government is considering major changes to the funding and governance of the NDIS, have alarmed people with disability, families and advocates across Australia.
"The NDIS has had support across political parties and all levels of government to date. Any watering down of the NDIS or a Commonwealth takeover of the scheme would be a major breach of trust with the Australian people", said Craig Wallace on behalf of the Australian Cross Disability Alliance.  “Contrary to recent speculation and reporting, the NDIS is on budget, on time and delivering overdue change in the lives of people with disability across Australia."
"People with disability across Australia have been working for the past six years to get ready for the NDIS and to make sure the new system meets our needs.  This long overdue investment in people with disability and their families will enable more people to move into work, and also create jobs in the disability support sector, including for people with disability”.
"Reporting on just the costs of the NDIS misses the economic contribution that the NDIS will make with an increase of $22 billion to GDP not to mention the other benefits of having more Australians able to participate in the life of our community."
The Australian Cross Disability Alliance calls on Prime Minister Turnbull to rule out removing the independence of the NDIS and any retrograde shift to an outdated rationed disability support system.
“The NDIS must be free of government interference and be allowed to proceed with the roll out as planned, in conjunction with people with disability," said Mr Wallace. "People with disability deserve certainty.  We have waited long enough for the support system we need."



Craig Wallace 0413 135 731
President, People with Disability Australia (PWDA)


El Gibbs
PWDA Media and Communications Officer
0408 682 867



The Australian Cross Disability Alliance is an alliance of four national Disabled People’s Organisations (organisations made up of and led by people with disability).The ACDA was founded by, and is made up of the First Peoples Disability Network Australia (FPDNA) representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability, the National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA) representing people with disability from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, People with Disability Australia (PWDA) a national cross disability organisation and Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA), the national organisation representing women and girls with disability.

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Media Release 22 Feb 2016

The National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA) calls upon the Australian Government and the Minister for Immigration Mr Peter Dutton to outline a clear plan for the ongoing support and care of baby Asha and her family post her recovery within community detention.

NEDA like many is buoyed by the news today that baby Asha and her family have been released from hospital and are now residing in community detention.

“However, we are concerned as to her ongoing care and the support needs of her family” stated NEDA President Suresh Rajan.  

Dwayne Cranfield, NEDA CEO, stated that “the thought of any child living in offshore detention is offensive let alone sending a child that has suffered trauma and hospitalisation back to a place that has a record of abuse and violence.

The NEDA President continued “it is proven and widely recognised that living in offshore detention is not conducive to a person’s health, as those centres in operation have a well-documented history of violence and abuse and violating human rights.

NEDA is concerned that by placing children in offshore detention that we, as a nation, are adding to the disability numbers. These facilities place children at risk and increase the prevalence of psychosocial/ mental health disorders.

See the NEDA report: The plight of People Living with Disabilities; Demonised Detained and Disowned:

NEDA President Suresh Rajan added that “on the whole, the Australian community knows the difference between right and wrong, I would like to thank the community for their support to this point, importantly those doctors and medicos that have risked prosecution in their support of baby Asha and her family in this fight between right and wrong.

Our good wishes and thanks also go to the numerous community organisations and advocates such as Mums4refugees and others who maintained their vigil at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital over the last many days.”

For further information, please contact the NEDA CEO Mr Dwayne Cranfield on 02 62626867 or the NEDA President Mr Suresh Rajan on 0413436001.