Data and Statistics for Ethnicity and Disability


NEDA's first paper on data for Ethnicity and Disability

What does the data say?

  ABS Statistics:

Many of the ABS surveys often undersample persons from a CALD/NESB background and there are limits  when applying to a small area.                               

Survey of Aging Disability and Carers 2009

Census Data

Migrant Statistics

National Disbility Administrators Small Area Estimates

 Small Area Estimates 2009

 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Disability Data Cubes  AIHW Disability Data Cubes
 Settlement Database ( permanent residents only)  Settlement Reporting Database
Need for Assistance 2011 Census by Ancestry Map for Need for Assistance by Ancestry 2011 Census
Humanitarian Entrants and Estimated Resident Population Humanitarian Visas and Expected Resident Population by Countryof birtth
NEDA Datacube 2016 (Latest) Disability Data SDAC