Request for Tender: LGBTIQ+ Health Australia (LHA) and National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA are seeking to engage a University to undertake an evaluation of their joint initiative the 'Our Voices, Our Lives, Our Way' Project which is funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS) via the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) grant.

The project aim is to build the individual and collective capacity of LGBTIQ+ PWD to strengthen existing knowledge and skills to increase social connection, self-advocacy and community engagement, to contribute to the longer-term aim of improved health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ+ PWD.

The project works within a framework of co-design, where sector experts, DPO’s, community organisations and LGBTIQ+ people with a lived experience of disability are engaged in the design process to help determine the training content and delivery. The project design and delivery phases are inclusive of LGBTIQ+ First Nations and CALD PWD.

NEDA and LHA would like to work in partnership with a contractor to refine the evaluation purpose and methodology.

The proposed scope will focus on process and outcome evaluation in line with the project aim, objectives, learning outcomes and activities employed in developing and implementing the project. The purpose of the evaluation is to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of strategies and activities used to develop and implement the project, including redesigning the project to meet the needs in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Analyse the role of Advisory Committee, Co-design Group and CoP in effectively meeting the aim and objectives of the project
  • Include wellbeing measures within the evaluation tools developed
  • Investigate how and in what contexts strategies and processes were or were not effective in strengthening knowledge and skills of participants.

If your University has an interest in this project and the capacity to undertake these activities and is interested in applying, please review the attached documents.